Contact Lenses Suitable for Dry Eyes
Contact Lenses Suitable for Dry Eyes

Not all contact lenses are meant for dry eyes as its vital characteristic. Most of us may feel itching, stinging, or may get a burning sensation as the most common eye problems. All those suffering from these problems try to adapt themselves to a normal daily routine as everyone else does. However, because they have dry eyes, the issue should be looked into with the best possible care as there are unique contact lenses available to choose from for those who have dry eyes.

If your eyes sting and itch, along with you facing other eyesight problems, you must follow some simple and easy ways to keep your eyes cool. If that is taken care of, voila! You would not face any complaints regarding eye dryness plights, and you can also do away with the usage of your unlovely glasses.

One of the simple procedures to keep the eye dryness worries at bay is the usage of appropriate contact lenses. If you don’t use the best contact lenses meant for dry eyes, you may exacerbate the problem. Traditional contact lenses seem to be more rigid and stiff. However, there are plenty of contact lenses especially manufactured and designed to help in attenuating dryness in the eyes. Let’s take a brief look at what contact lenses suit people with dry eyes.

Soft contact lenses
Instead of using the formerly launched contact lenses, contemporary soft contact lenses are more flexible and satisfactory, and hence the best option, for people with dry eyes. With the invention of soft contact lenses, people seem to be more agreeable with their featured qualities. They are made of special polymers that allow the contact lenses to hold water for maintaining flexibility. They are also permeable, allowing oxygen to pass through. This vital quality makes your eyes breathe, literally. As the cornea intakes oxygen only through the air since it has no blood vessels, the contact lenses must hold this essential property without fail. The best thing about soft contact lenses, which are made available especially for dry eyes, is that they have this vital feature.

The wetness level of soft contact lenses
You should be using the best contact lenses for you if you have dry eyes. The water content of the contact lenses is also one of the necessary features in such a case. There are soft contact lenses that have wetness levels ranging from 38% to 70%. If you go for lenses having a higher wetness level, you may even worsen your dry eyes symptoms. For instance, consider that you choose lenses with 65% wetness level; since you already have dry eyes, the extra wetness may also be taken away by the environment. In that case, you may not be able to maintain the 65% level wet condition anyway.

However, when you go for lenses with a 38% wetness level, you will be feeling comfortable, and the lenses will also permit your eyes to breathe, without making them dry. Therefore, it is quintessential that you must consult a good eye doctor before you spend a few bucks on the best suitable soft contact lenses for your dry eyes.

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Do you know that silicone hydrogel contact lenses allow more oxygen to pass onto the cornea than the normal soft contact lenses? Introduced in the 1990s, the silicone hydrogel contact lenses have low water content and require less moisture to remain permeable. They can also be worn for a longer time during day and night and can even last for up to a month!

You will also find regular silicone hydrogel disposable contact lenses, which may be worn for a week or two with no dryness problems. Hence, there are a number of options for you to choose the best satisfactory silicone lenses based on your requirements.

There is one downside of this type of lenses, and it is that they are firmer than the regular soft contact lenses. As they are made of silicone material, they may not readily be able to serve you with the expected comfortability. They must be given some time to settle down according to the conditions of your eyes. Moreover, if watched from the consumer’s prospect, they are much costlier than the regular soft contact lenses. Beyond these, they are still considered as the best contact lenses for dry eyes.

Additional eye care products
Even when you are on the right track of selecting and buying the best soft contact lenses for your dry eyes, you may need to pay more attention and take care of your eyes. In that case, you may overcome the difficulties by making use of over-the-counter eye drops. You can choose the most suitable eye drops for soothing your dry eyes and feel comfortable with the soft contact lenses you are wearing.

Caring for the eyes is not a choice but a compulsion, and buying the best contact lenses for dry eyes is just a step toward it.