What You Need to Know about Bags under Your Eyes
What You Need to Know about Bags under Your Eyes

Most of us notice bags under our eyes when we are very exhausted. Many start getting bags under their eyes with growing age. This is not a medical problem that should cause you a lot of concern. Usually, home remedies are an effective solution. Lifestyle changes are also required and can be helpful in preventing it from occurring.


  • Mild swelling
  • Sagging skin or loose skin
  • Dark circles

What causes bags under your eyes?
With age, the supporting muscles and tissues of your eyes become weaker. As there is sagging of the skin, fat in the orbit of the eye moves into this area. There could be fluid accumulation in the area leading to a puffy appearance. This could become worse with retention of fluid due to a salty meal, poor sleep, allergies, smoking or genetic reasons.

Ways to get rid of bags under your eyes

Salt intake: The region around your eyes is one of the places which have high sodium and water moves from the low-sodium areas to the high-sodium areas. Ensure that you don’t take additional salt while having dinner as this is one of the causes of puffy eyes.

Allergies: There is a direct correlation between puffiness of the eyes and allergies. However, over-the-counter medications for allergies not only stop a runny nose but also help in removing the puffiness of the eyes as well.

Neti pot: Using a neti pot, salt water can be poured in one nostril and then drained out through the other nostril. The additional moisture that accumulates from colds, seasonal allergies and infections is removed by this. The sinuses are irrigated and mucus, as well as other types of debris, are removed.

Sleep position: The way you sleep has a bearing on the puffiness of the eyes. Fluid accumulates under your eyes due to gravity. So, avoid sleeping on your side or your stomach. Ensure that your back is facing the bed and use an extra pillow to elevate your head.

Remove makeup: Be sure that all your makeup is cleaned before you go to sleep. It could lead to watering of the eyes causing morning-after puffiness. Wash it off with soap and water or keep a remover handy to clean it every night.

Alcohol intake: Puffiness around the eyes also results from excessive alcohol intake. Drinking in moderation, like an occasional glass of wine, is fine. Alcohol dehydrates your skin. This results in weakening of the area around the eyes and they sink into a sac. If you do have alcohol during the day, have plenty of water before you go to sleep. Using a moisturizer around your eyes would also help.

UV rays: Protection of your body, as well as your face from harmful UV rays, is extremely important. High exposure to the sun could result in sagging or wrinkling of the skin surrounding your eyes. Always use hats, sunscreen as well as well as sunglasses while going out in the sun.

Stop smoking: Giving up your smoking habit would have the added benefit of preventing the eyes from a droopy or wrinkled appearance. The facial skin becomes dry and weak due to smoking.

Cool down: Cooling your eyes with cold compresses is an effective remedy for swollen eyes. You could use tea bags, cucumber slices or chilled spoons. You could use anything else that works, the important thing is ensuring they bring down the temperature.

Eye cream: You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to options for eye creams. Find out the one that is most effective for you. However, hemorrhoid creams are to be avoided at all costs. This can cause irritation to the skin that is around your eyes. Retinol cream would be a better option.

Concealer: When you are troubled by dark circles, concealers can be effective in helping hide them. Try to find a concealer that is in sync with the tone of your skin. Make sure you apply it lightly and not rub it vigorously.

Treatment options when you have bags under your eyes

Medications: If the puffiness is due to some allergy, then consult a doctor regarding prescription allergy medications.

Therapies: Wrinkles can be treated through various therapies like laser resurfacing or chemical peels to improve the tone of the skin, make the skin tighter and give the bags under the eyes a rejuvenated look.

Surgery: If the cause of the bags under your eyes demands it, then surgery could be considered. The procedure is known as blepharoplasty. With this surgical procedure, excess fat is removed into the upper eyelid crease or in the lower lid. Dissolving stitches are then used to rejoin the skin. There could be side effects like dry eyes, pain, watery eyes, bruising, swelling and vision being blurred. Serious side effects that rarely occur are loss of vision, bleeding, eye muscles being injured, abrasion of the cornea as well as eyelid drooping.


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