Top Treatment Options for Lower Back Hip pain
Top Treatment Options for Lower Back Hip pain

When you feel pain in your lower back, you will find it difficult to do some of the basic chores of your daily life like walking, bending your back to pick up something, or even climbing stairs. The condition of your lower back hip doesn’t have to be like this all the time. You can improve this condition with the help of some simple measures. Here is what you can do to control your lower back hip pain.

Hot And Cold Treatment
Using both ice and a hot water bag are very much beneficial as far as your lower back hip pain is concerned. You need to keep order if you need maximum results. After you have an injury, first you have to apply ice, and then you need to use a hot water bag. As you feel pain on your lower back, ice it for the first 24 to 48 hours. There are some ways you can apply ice and reap maximum benefits. Here is how you should be doing it:

  • Buy a cool pack or get a plastic bag and fill it with ice. Now, wrap the ice pack or bag in a cloth to protect your skin.
  • Apply the ice bag on the lower portion of your back for more than 10 minutes at a single time.
  • Repeat this throughout the day when you feel the pain. Give yourself a break of at least 10 minutes before each application of the ice.

You could get tempted to apply heat on the point where you feel pain at first. Doing so will increase more inflammatory compounds that might worsen the situation. After 48 hours of applying ice, you can start applying heat on that place of your pain. You should also be avoiding the application of heat all night because that might burn your skin.

The ancient technique of acupuncture, which was originated in China, could help to lessen your lower back pain. This technique involves small and thin needles to be inserted in the body to get the energy flow back into your body. It might seem a daunting task in the first place. Once you get used to it, then you will find that this is probably one of the most effective treatments for hip pain that you can ever have. Acupuncture helps you to stimulate the release of the pain by reviving the chemicals in your body.

Practicing yoga in the morning gives you the kick start you need to begin your day. This gets your muscles working immediately after a relaxing period of six to eight hours. Stretching poses such as the bridge as will help you to get your muscles moving instantly. Another yoga pose that could really be beneficial in treating lower back hip pain is the child’s pose.

Sleep Postures
Most people in the country face lower back hip pain due to their awkward sleeping position. If you sleep on one side with your knees pointing upward, then you will get lower back pain because you are putting too much pressure on your hips. You should place a pillow towards your legs to reduce pressure on your lower back. Sleeping on softer mattresses can also cause lower back hip pain. A firm mattress is ideal for those who face pain in their lower back quite frequently.

Diet Plan
Having a healthy dietary plan in place is beneficial for many reasons. First of all, you will be able to maintain the right weight, which will reduce the extra pressure on your lower back. Also, following a healthy diet will promote good bone growth which is essential for eliminating lower back hip pain. You need to have a good amount of the following nutrients:

  • Calcium
    Yogurt, milk, cheese, egg whites, and oatmeal are some of the most healthy sources of calcium, which is essential for bone strength.
  • Phosphorous
    Milk, yogurt, beans, sardines, and kidney beans are some of the foods that are a great source of phosphorous.
  • Vitamin D
    Egg, cod liver oil, swordfish, and fortified milk are some of the foods that are rich in Vitamin D which also promotes bone strength.

Seating Posture at the Workplace
Those who have a sedentary job are more prone to lower back hip pain. You need to make your desk chair more back friendly with the right lumbar support. For that, you have to reconsider your workspace and organize it according to it. The back-friendly positioning of your seat at the workplace will help you to get relief from lower back hip pain.

Pain in your lower back can get worse with time. Take small actions daily to eliminate this chronic pain and lead a better and healthier life.