8 Popular Bottled Water Brands
8 Popular Bottled Water Brands

When it comes to water, we only think of it as a basic need and do not lay much emphasis on its quality. However, these days, several top brands have a reputation for selling unique artisanal water.

Several bottled water brands sell products that come under the luxury category. Thus, these days, luxury is not just limited to fashion brands and property, but luxury bottled water is available as well.

Water from aquifers and natural springs are taken from different parts of the world, treated, and then sold. Not only do these products have great taste, but they are also enriched with minerals.

Here is a list of some of the best brands of bottled water.

Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition
This bottled water is sourced from Northern California’s mountain springs. It contains minerals like calcium and potassium which enhance its taste and nutritional value. Some customers even call this product the “champagne of water” because of its high quality and taste. In the whole world, only nine bottles of this water were ever made. Thus, it is one of the best and most exclusive bottled-water products.

VOSS Artesian Water
This water has its roots in the frigid aquifers of the Nordic region. It is naturally still and sparkling. The water from this brand has this unique quality because, over the years, it was protected by thick layers of rock and sand. Thus, it is free of pollutants, which ensures that its purity and quality remain naturally intact.

evian natural mineral water
This water has natural curative and restorative powers. Its source is in France. evian® gets this water from the Source Cache where it is found at the temperature of 52.88 degrees Fahrenheit. The water gets its unique mineral composition due to the glacial sand which surrounds and protects this water from pollution. It is bottled under hygienic standards. It tastes great and has many health benefits.

Saint-Géron Mineral Water
The Auvergne region of France is the source of this water. It is known as the “queen of mineral water” due to its quality. This sparkling water is derived from a source where it has undergone an 1100-year-old natural filtration process. It has properties to cure digestion problems, anemia, diabetes, and gout. Moreover, Albert Bali, a famous painter and designer, designed this brand’s bottles.

Gerolsteiner Mineral Water
The water comes from the volcanic areas of Eifel, and it flows from the rocky volcanic reservoirs which are 200 feet below the earth’s surface. The water percolates up through volcanic rocks, and due to this, it has calcium bicarbonate and magnesium in it. Thus, with this bottled water, you can get the minerals that your body needs on a daily basis which is why it is one of the best brands of bottled water available.

Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water
Italians have been drinking this water right from its source for hundreds of years. It is so pure and hygienic that it does not need any purification process and is bottled directly from the protected Sorgeto di Ricardo Park in Italy.

Calcium, fluoride, magnesium are some of the essential minerals present in this water. The water trickles down when the rainfall begins, and it passes through several layers of rocks in the ground. This percolation process enriches it with minerals. It is unique and has a little different taste. At the same time, it also has the quality to quench your thirst like regular water.

Icelandic Glacial Water
This water is unique as its source is the 4500-year-old Olfus Spring in Iceland. This water is also used in many skin care products as it has the quality to rejuvenate skin and give it a natural glow.

The bottled water brand is green and sustainable. Moreover, it is the first brand of bottled water to receive a CarbonNeutral® certification. The taste of the water is different and sweet. The skin care qualities of this water make it one of the best bottled water brands in the world.

Hildon Natural Mineral Water
The water for this bottled water brand is taken from the chalk hills of Hampshire countryside in the United States as the rainfall begins. The chalk at this hills works as a natural filter and protects the water from pollutants. Moreover, chalk supplies a lot of calcium to the water which makes this bottled water a good source of this mineral.

As soon as the water reaches the source, it is collected and bottled by Hildon. The water is tested for purity. It does not go through any chemical treatment or purification. It is gently sparkling and is best suited for sipping with wines.

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