Causes of dog allergies and effective home remedies
Causes of dog allergies and effective home remedies

Dogs are a man’s best friend, and you can feel really anxious if your dog starts having an allergic reaction that makes it uncomfortable. Some of the most common signs of dog allergies are itching, scratching, and chewing.

What causes dog allergies?
Skin allergies or allergic dermatitis are the most common type of allergies developed by dogs. The prime causes of dog allergies include:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Certain foods which trigger allergic reactions
  • Exposure to various environmental allergens

Dog allergies and their natural remedies
If your dog is developing any allergic reaction, your vet should be the first person you should reach out to. Besides, there are various natural remedies available for some common dog allergies. These natural remedies are readily available at your home and can relieve your dog from various allergies.

Below is a list of dog allergies and their natural remedies for your reference. These natural remedies are very helpful in the treatment of different dog allergies such as dry skin or stomach upset.

Vitamin E oil
Vitamin E oil is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants primarily fight aging. They work towards the prevention of free radical damage. Free radical damage is the main cause of ageing. Application of vitamin E oil can protect your dog from UV radiation. Thus, it ensures moisturization of their skin and helps in the prevention of conditions like dry skin.

Electrolyte-replacing liquids for diarrhea
Flavorless electrolyte-replacing liquids help dogs too. During diarrhea, like humans, dogs too lose liquids. In such cases, the electrolyte replacing proves to be helpful among helpful in keeping their liquid level intact.

Both plain and sweetened yogurt is very healthy for your dog. The probiotics in yogurt help your dog to retain the good bacteria and have a strong intestine.

If your dog has developed any symptoms of itchy skin, chickenpox or any such conditions, an oatmeal bath can be very soothing. This is because of chemicals such as avenanthramides and phenols present in oatmeal. These chemicals have anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, oatmeal baths offer instant relief to all the skin allergies and superficial infections that you dog might be affected by. Oatmeal baths are especially helpful if your dog has itchy feet. Oatmeal is delicious and 100 per cent non-toxic too.

Chamomile tea
It has been found that chamomile helps in soothing the stomach by decreasing muscle spasms and cramps. Besides, it also works towards the reduction of inflammation of the mucous membranes. Thus, it reduces inflammation of the stomach and intestinal lining. In the same way, these properties of chamomile are helpful for your dog too. You can add chamomile tea to your dog’s food or their water bowl. This natural remedy can be used for minor rashes and irritations.

These are a few of the many natural remedies that are available for dog allergies. These remedies are primarily recommended for minor symptoms. If your dog has not shown any improvements post-application for two to three days, ensure to consult a vet immediately.