Kegel Exercises and Their Significance for Both Men and Women
Kegel Exercises and Their Significance for Both Men and Women

We all lay focus on hitting the gym and indulging in heavy workouts to keep the body in shape, but did you know that there are several other exercises that are equally important to keep some parts of the body, which are not visible otherwise, healthy and strong? One such area of the body is the pelvic floor, and Kegel exercises and the best Kegel exercisers are recommended for this.

Kegel exercises involve exercises that make the pelvic area of the body stronger. Pelvic area is the one between the hips and has the reproductive organs of an individual. Strengthening of this area is usually done by stretching the muscles and then clenching the same to put pressure on the pelvic floor. So, why should we resort to the best Kegel exerciser to strengthen the pelvic area? Well, the answer is simple; a stronger pelvic area leads to a better ability to control the bladder or bowel. Kegel exercises are quite easy to undertake and carry out, and once you start these exercises, you will be able to perform them anywhere, anytime.

Kegel exercises can be done by both men and women; however, it is recommended that before jumping into any particular exercise, you must consult with the doctor if you have any health issues. Poor health of the pelvic floor in men can lead to erectile dysfunction and incontinence associated with orgasm. To overcome these problems, men should work on making their pelvic stronger. Women tend to have a weakened pelvis floor owing to pregnancy, weight gain, and aging. A stronger pelvic area supports the womb, bowels, and bladder and hence such exercises are a must for women as well. Kegel exercises are also important to be practiced as several pelvic-related problems start surfacing with age, which can make the routine bodily activities cumbersome.

The following Kegel exercises are the best to bring about remarkable outcomes:

  • The bridge is the exercise wherein a person lies down on the floor and lifts the area below the waist at an angle of 30-45 degrees with the feet touching the ground. It is beneficial for both the pelvic and glutes. Keep the body in that position for 2-4 minutes initially and once you get comfortable with it, you can extend the time. It strengthens the abdominal muscles as well, which helps in giving you a toned body.
  • Clamshell is the next exercise on our list, which can be done without any prop. Here, you lie down straight on any side of the body, with or without your hand under your head. Lift the leg that is on the upper side with the thigh area perpendicular to the body and the calf and foot perpendicular to the thigh. Just like the bridge exercise, this one should be started with 2-4 minutes and extended with time and comfort. Such exercises are beneficial for sexual health as well.
  • If you wish to add some fun to your Kegel exercises such as introducing some dance moves, stand straight with your legs a little apart, place your hands on the hips, and shake your hips side to side. Do this exercise with your life partner to add more fun and excitement to the exercising session.
  • CalExotics’ Inspire Remote Kegel Exerciser is considered the best Kegel exerciser that produces good results with minimum strain on the muscles. The exercise is meant for women only. Working out becomes super easy with this Kegel exerciser, which is one of the best ones.
  • Je Jou’s Ami Set is another instrument to help you undertake the task of strengthening the pelvic area conveniently. It comprises of three ball-like instruments made of silicon. The strings on the ball are to be pulled gently against the instrument so that pressure is exerted on the kegel.
    These are just a few of the several exercises that people, especially women, can perform to make their pelvic healthier and to strengthen it. If one is not certain about how to do a freehand Kegel exercise properly, they can resort to any of the best Kegel exercisers that can be purchased from the market. For better and faster results, you can take professional guidance from doctors and professional gym trainers as well.

If anyone who has just started doing or has been doing Kegel exercises experiences pain in the abdominal area, they should stop it immediately. There are chances that they have been doing it wrong. If you are certain about the techniques of the exercise that you have been following and still feel some sort of pain, get in touch with your doctor. Over usage of anything comes with adverse side-effects; hence if you are in the mood of leveraging the benefits of Kegel exercises in a short time, don’t push yourself beyond capacity. It will only worsen the situation. Just have some patience before the exercises start reflecting the desired results.