Tips to treat cats without spoiling them
Tips to treat cats without spoiling them

Be it cats or dogs, pet owners love to treat their pets with treats. If you are a cat owner, you would love to treat your cats for various reasons to showcase your love and appreciation to them. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of health problems of your feline friend, which include a shortened lifespan, obesity, and other conditions. Overeating can also cause harmful effects on the cat’s health. Here are some tips on using food for showing love towards your feline pet without spoiling or harming them:

  • Mix foods

If your cat is refusing to eat something new (read: healthy), but still enjoys its old food, then try to mix the two foods for a few days. This will trick it into eating the new healthy food by masking it with the old food that it already likes. This is a good way to transition cats on to a new diet every time you make changes to their diet.

  • Use chicken broth

Chicken broth for cats is like tomato ketchup for humans – it makes everything taste better. If your cat is being particularly persnickety about its food, you could add some low-sodium chicken broth in its food for lending it some zing. Hopefully, that will prod your pet cat to eat the new food you put out in their bowl.

  • Cut the scraps

In some cases, your cat’s reluctance to eat its food, old or new, could be your fault, especially if it is used to being fed table scraps from your dinner table. In such cases, its palate is likely to prefer food with a little more flavor than what you’re putting out for it. So, you need to stop feeding your cat leftovers from the table.

  • Cut back on the treats

Your cat might not be eating its new food because it thinks that it’ll just get its fill of treats across the day. If your cat refuses to have dinner, try withholding the treats for a while so it doesn’t rely on the treats to satiate its hunger.

Make a planned routine to feed your cat. Present them with treats occasionally. Keep Make sure you don’t overfeed or under feed your cat. Keep the portions of the treats low, so that they don’t get used to the taste soon. You can also browse the Internet for healthy diet for cats. Following a healthy diet routine will help keep your cats healthy and fit. The above mentioned tips will help you keep your cat happy at the same time healthy too.